• 1/Feb/2014 - 21:13
    Iran and the United Kingdom are planning to weigh up the installation of a replica of ancient Persian relic Cyrus Cylinder in The Hague, the Netherlands, an Iranian official said.
  • 29/Jan/2014 - 20:36
    Italian Minister of Cultural Assets and Tourism Massimo Bray in a meeting with Head of Tehran City’s Islamic Council Ahmad Masjed Jameyee announced that his country is willing to reprint the oldest manuscript of Shahnameh, the Iranian epic masterpiece by prominent Persian poet Ferdowsi.
  • 29/Jan/2014 - 15:04
    The 7th International Tourism, Hotel Management and related industries started work in the Southern Iranian Island of Kish.
  • 29/Jan/2014 - 11:38
    Firuzi Publications has recently released the latest work by the renowned Iranian author Mahmud Dowlatabadi on the story of the chancellorship of Hasanak the Vizier based on Persian historian Abul-Fazl Bayhaqi’s “Masudian History”.
  • 28/Jan/2014 - 20:35
    The Indonesian government has launched a new campaign to reduce noise from mosque amplifiers, promising to improve the sound quality of worshipping houses sound systems, the Jakarta Post reported on Sunday, January 27.
  • 27/Jan/2014 - 18:39
    An educational workshop on “Islamic art” will be held for children on January 29 and 30 in La Courneuve, France.
  • 27/Jan/2014 - 18:36
    The village of Espidan is located 45 km south east of Bojnurd – the center of North Khorassan province – in a beautiful valley and is surrounded by high mountains. Espidan Village has moderate mountainous weather; it is over 8 centuries old and is considered as one of the famous villages of North Khorassan province. The mausoleum of Muhammad-ebn-e-Baqir, a descendant of Imam Musa Kazem (PBUH), together with the old texture of the village indicate its oldness. The people of Espidan village speak Turkish language and are Shiite Muslims.
  • 26/Jan/2014 - 12:24
    The oft-cited local officials’ intransigence on their whimsical plans would amount to damage on country’s natural reserve, this time in Lorestan.
  • 25/Jan/2014 - 21:43
    Your greetings they’ll ignore.
    With their heads resting on their chests,
    They seek warmth from their breasts,
    None affords to lift a head to greet the guests.
    Vision is limited,
    The road’s dark and slick.
    Your extended friendly hand is refused,
    Not because they are confused;
    They rather keep their hands where they are warmed.
    It is frightfully cold. Do not be alarmed.
  • 25/Jan/2014 - 21:37
    Today's first village is called Zavarem or Dasht-e-Behesht that is located 28 km south east of Shirvan and 83 km away from Bojnurd, the center of North Khorasan Province. Enjoying moderate mountainous weather, the village is located 1300 meters above sea level. Zavarem River flowing through this village is abundant in water.
    Having been the residence of the Khans, Zavarem has a history of seven hundred years. Naser-e-Din Shah, one of the Qajar rulers, has mentioned Zavarem in his travelogue and has also given details of his observations.
  • 25/Jan/2014 - 21:02
    Mahvash Soheili, artist and academic, is holding an exhibition of her work in Tehran.
  • 25/Jan/2014 - 20:44
    New research from Queen's University Belfast shows that the tropical forests of South East Asia have been shaped by humans for the last 11,000 years.
  • 25/Jan/2014 - 20:27
    Interest in Facebook has peaked and the social network could lose up to 80 percent of its users by 2017, researchers say.
  • 24/Jan/2014 - 19:08
    Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Mohammad Emami Kashani once again underlined the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, and stressed that the Iranian nation will never give up its inalienable right to peaceful nuclear technology.
  • 19/Jan/2014 - 21:05
    The name "Mesr" or Egypt in English for many of our listeners is a reminder of the historical land in North Africa, through which the Nile River flows, and where the famous pyramids are situated.
  • 17/Jan/2014 - 19:15
    Kids are more successful in school when parents take an active interest in their homework ”” it shows kids that what they do is important.
    Of course, helping with homework shouldn't mean spending hours hunched over a desk. Parents can be supportive by demonstrating study and organization skills, explaining a tricky problem, or just encouraging kids to take a break. And who knows? Parents might even learn a thing or two!
    Here are some tips to guide the way:
  • 17/Jan/2014 - 19:01
    Oscar-nominated Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi said his latest movie on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is expected to premiere in the second half of the next Iranian year (September 23, 2014 - March 20, 2015).
  • 14/Jan/2014 - 20:12
    Tanineyas:Walking by your child’s room is sometimes a frightening experience. Clothes strewn on the floor, bed unmade, dresser drawers hanging open and toys scattered around are enough to make even the most patient parent upset.
  • 13/Jan/2014 - 15:37
    Wood block printing with floral design is considered as a traditional and genuine Iranian art. The article focuses on the emergence of this type of Iranian art.
    The fabric print is a vivid manifestation of art and culture of the Iranian people who have been born with art and live with it.
    Researches show that Iranian handicrafts enjoy ample diversity and delicacy. The article seeks to unveil the unknown about this art in order to manifest a small part of the past civilization of Iran.
  • 13/Jan/2014 - 15:29
    Tanineyas:Bam in Kerman will host the 7th world tour guides festival for the first time in the occasion of 10th anniversary of Bam earthquake.
  • 13/Jan/2014 - 15:20
    Tanineyas: American translator of the Iran’s Sacred Defense bestselling novel “Da” has said he has completed the translation of the book and it is ready for publishing.
  • 12/Jan/2014 - 19:40
    Tanineyas: Iran has exported 80 percent of its hand-woven carpets to the international markets, Director of Coordination Department of Carpet Management Organization Lotfi Afshar said.
  • 11/Jan/2014 - 21:10
    Tanineyas:Deh Cheshmeh is a green forest-village which is enlisted in Iran’s list of historic monuments thanks to its beautiful intact nature and a number of valuable historic inscriptions. This village is visited daily by hundreds of interested tourists during spring and summer.
  • 11/Jan/2014 - 21:07
    Tanineyas:“The Stone Garden was created between 1961 and 1963. A few years after the land reform plan was implemented (by the regime of Shah Mohammad Reza), Darvish Khan, who had lost some of his land as a result of it, in an act of protest hung stones from tree branches in his garden that had gone dry.”‌
  • 10/Jan/2014 - 12:04
    Tanineyas:Navideshahed- The latest issue of cultural-historical magazine of Shahede Yaran was published specified for martyr Mohammad Hossein Alam Al-Hoda.
  • 8/Jan/2014 - 20:42
    Tanineyas:A variety of splendid Persian art by Iranian artists is on display at the 6th International Forum of Islamic Art now underway in Kuwait.
  • 8/Jan/2014 - 20:39
    Tanineyas: Iran marked the 46th anniversary of legendary wrestler Gholamreza Takhti’s death on Tuesday.
  • 5/Jan/2014 - 20:18
    Tanineyas:Deh Cheshmeh is a green forest-village which is enlisted in Iran’s list of historic monuments thanks to its beautiful intact nature and a number of valuable historic inscriptions.
  • 5/Jan/2014 - 14:52
    Tanineyas:Stone Garden is Iran’s most amazing garden visited by about 6,000 Iranian and foreign tourists every year.
  • 3/Jan/2014 - 12:49
    Tanineyas:The month-long Islamic Arts Festival in Sharjah, the 16th edition of the event, begins on January 6 and coincides with the emirate’s celebration of being named capital of Islamic Culture for 2014.