• 24/Jan/2014 - 19:25
    What are secrets behind the deep influence and rapid development of Islam?
  • 17/Jan/2014 - 19:06
    Snow begins in the atmosphere as water condenses into a tiny droplet. As more and more water vapor condenses onto its surface, the droplet grows. Cold air then freezes this water into an ice crystal.
  • 16/Jan/2014 - 10:55
    Ariel Sharon, the former Prime Minister of the Israeli regime, was widely known in the Arab and Islam world for his war crimes against Palestinians during deadly years of occupation of Palestine.
  • 13/Jan/2014 - 15:08
    Salafism has been introduced by some so-called radical Sunni theologians who have wrong understanding of thoughts of theologians such as Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah. Extremist Salafism is a deviatory and shallow cult that stands poles apart from the spirit of Islam’s life-giving teachings, has spewed nothing but discord, destruction, ruin and corruption among the Islamic Ummah. This cult has a weak belief base and offers shallow interpretations from Qur’an and narrations.
  • 5/Jan/2014 - 20:45
    Tanineyas:I did realize this much, however: I needed God and prayer desperately. Before getting up from my knees, I made one last supplication: Oh God, if I ever gravitate towards disbelief again, then please; kill me first and rid me of this life. It is hard enough living with my imperfections and weaknesses, but I cannot live another day denying You
  • 5/Jan/2014 - 20:41
    By the time he reached the age of 18, Lang had become a full-fledged atheist. “If there is a God, and he is all merciful and all loving, then why is there suffering on this earth? Why does not He just take us to heaven? Why create all these people to suffer?" Such were the questions that came up in his mind in those days.
  • 25/Dec/2013 - 19:11
    This article is divided into four parts, giving details about the Monotheism and importance of this discussion.
    1. Monotheism (Advantage of Discussion about the Outlook on Universe)
    2. Monotheism the First Principle of Divine Outlook on Universe
  • 25/Dec/2013 - 19:10
    One of the days Ma'moon decided to invite the scholars from different sects of the world and he brought Imam Reza (PBUH) to the assembly. He thought he might be able to get the Imam (PBUH) invalidated and un-credential from the knowledge point of view, thus finish his influence.
  • 25/Dec/2013 - 19:04
    *Discussion regarding Imamate
    *Limitation to four schools of law has no basis
    *Shia'ism compared to four schools of law
    *The four Sunni Imams have declared each other to be infidels
  • 25/Dec/2013 - 18:59
    Tanineyas:Moses noticed a man in a very high position before God. Addressing God, he said: "O God! Who is this man with such a high and glorious position?" "O Moses! This man is good-tempered, his parents are pleased with him, and he doesn’t envy other people for their possessions and blessings", said God.