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Nat’l Quran Week Planned in Algeria

Ranineya: The 15th National Quran Week is planned to be held in Algeria from January 18 to 20.

The country’s Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry is to organize the event at the order of Algerian president, elmoudjahid website reported.

During the weeklong event, top Quran reciters and memorizers of Algeria recite the Holy Quran in various programs.

It also includes a forum titled “Role of the Revelation in Training Prominent Figures in Algeria”. The forum will be attended by several Algerian scholars and thinkers.

Another program scheduled to be held during the Quran Week is a Quran recitation and memorization program for teenagers and youth under the age of 25.

Those willing to take part in the Quran competition are required to have memorized at least 60 Hizbs (parts) of the Holy Book, the website of Algeria’s Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry said.

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