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Desecration of Quran in Mauritania

Security forces in the Mauritanian city of Zouerat have found torn copies of Muslim Holy Book in different parts of the city.

They said unknown individuals had stolen the copies from several mosques, ripped them up and thrown the copies into garbage cans, fr.alakhbar website reported.
Mauritania’s Scholars Society condemned the act of sacrilege and described insulting the Quran as an unforgivable sin.
The society called on security officials to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice as soon as possible.
Police and security forces are investigating the case to find those behind the desecration.
Earlier this month, tens of thousands of Mauritanian Muslims took to the streets in the capital Nouakchott to protest against the desecration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Protests began after Ould Mohamed, the son of a senior government official, published an article deemed critical of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on his Facebook page.
The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a country in the Maghreb region of western North Africa. Virtually all Mauritanians are Muslims.

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