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Quran to Be Translated into Dutch

A team of translators has been formed by Al-Najat Charity Association in Kuwait for rendering the Holy Quran into the Dutch language.

According to Ala’an online newspaper, Salim Al-Hamr, director of Zakat Committee affiliated to the association said that the Dutch translations of the Holy Quran will be distributed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and South Africa.

He added that publication and distribution of each copy costs 4 Kuwaiti Dinars and the committee plans to distribute 100000 copies among new Muslims and non-Muslims in the four countries where Dutch is spoken.

He also noted that some copies of the Divine Book’s translations in English had been previously distributed by the association in Birmingham city of the Britain which were received well.

The director stressed that the distribution of the Quran copies has a very positive role in promotion of true Islamic teachings in the society.

He called Kuwaiti Muslims and charitable people to cooperate in the project, saying that each of these Quran copies could guide someone from darkness to the light.

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