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Syrian Girls at Risk of Abuse in Refugee Centers

Tanineyas:Jordan’s security services recently found an international human smuggling network sexually harassing and exploiting vulnerable Syrian refugee girls.

Young Syrian girls from Jordan’s refugee camp are being purchased by rich Saudis as well as Qataris, some in their sixties and seventies, security officials said, Al-Alam reported.

According to Syrian and Jordanian sources, the network being active in Jordan forced Syrian refugee girls to have sexual relations with Saudi wealthy men.

The gang members under the guise of businessmen urged the families to let their girls work initially in common trading companies as employee. After receiving the parents’ permission, the girls would be transferred to Dubai and then to Saudi Arabia, security sources said.

There, they were forced to get involved in sexual relations with rich Saudi men, the sources added.

According to other sources close to the Jordanian security services, the gang is also active in Syria, Lebanon and other poor countries in providing girls to wealthy Saudis.

Due to the sensitivity of the case, Jordan’s prosecutor general has ordered the country’s media not to cover the news.

Human Rights Watch has recently expressed concern about the safety of female refugees fleeing the crisis in Syria, saying they have been sexually abused in host countries.

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